Your Guide to E-Waste in Phoenix

Do you have a home or office electronic waste that you need to get rid of as soon as possible? E-waste disposal can be a painstaking process, especially when every hauler you meet keeps turning you down. However, if you follow due process to manage your electronic waste, you can help protect yourself from the toxic effects of e-waste. 

We consume electronics at a very high rate, which explains why E-waste makes up 70% of hazardous waste in the country. If you don’t manage this toxic waste well, you risk contaminating groundwater and exposing yourself to harmful substances detrimental to your health.

Below is a Phoenix E-waste guide to help you manage electronic waste, whether at home or in the office. 

Handle E-waste with care

Managing E-waste shouldn’t be an uphill task to tackle. The first step to discarding electronic waste is to collect and put the junk in one place. Remember, the thumb rule regarding toxic garbage like E-waste is that you should never put them in the trash can—regardless of how small the electronic device is, do not trash it in the bin.

Before you get rid of your e-waste, it is vital to sort them through and salvage some or whole parts for resale, recycling, or donations.

 Also, ensure that you discard any crucial information or documents before you dump your obsolete devices like phones, laptops, computers, smartwatches,

Once you delete any vital information, put your electronic waste in a safe, clean, and away from children.

Ways to discard E-waste in Phoenix

Getting the latest phone model or TV set can be exciting. The real test comes when these devices become obsolete, and you have to dispose of them. Luckily, there are safe and environmentally-friendly ways to eliminate old, unwanted, and damaged electronic devices.

  • Donate 

Do you have old electronics that are in excellent condition? The best way to discard such materials is to donate them to others. Some organizations will refurbish old desktop computers, laptops, phones and offer them to charities. Donating electronics is an excellent way to preserve virgin resources. 

  • Give your old electronics back to the manufacturer.

Did you know that some electronic device manufactures have takeback programs for obsolete electronics? HP, for instance, has drop-off locations for personal computers. Some retailers, too, have electronic recycling programs, and all you need to do is take your old device to the store when you purchase a new one. 

  • Check with your solid waste hauler for recycling.

Handling a high number of obsolete electronics can be quite a hassle. If you don’t have time to find donation centers or takeback programs, you can request your junk hauler for guidance. Often, waste haulers know where to take electronic waste for recycling or donations. 

Another option is to search for certified electronic recyclers in your area. These e-waste recyclers are accredited and use state-of-the-art technology to salvage old electronic devices for reuse. Electronic recyclers are the ideal option if you want to toss away old office electronics. 

How do I minimize Phoenix E-waste?

  • Re-consider before purchasing a new gadget. Before you rush to the shop to get your hands on the latest smartphone, ask yourself if you need to buy a new phone. If your device is still in good condition, it is best not to buy a new one. 
  • Repair and reuse. If your electronic has minor damage, it is best to repair it than to buy a brand new one. Improving and reusing electronics is an excellent way to extend the life of your gadget hence minimize E-waste.
  • Consider environmentally-friendly gadgets. Another great way to reduce electronic waste is to buy EPEAT certified products.

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