What is Sustainable Living?

What do you think when you hear about sustainable living? If you are considering a sustainable living lifestyle, you probably have ideas like saving energy, water, eating organic food, and dropping the use of plastics like hot coal. Sustainable living is a broad term that means creating a lifestyle that aims to impact the planet and minimize the carbon footprint positively.

Some people will refer to sustainable living as green living, and we can use these terms interchangeably. However, the ultimate goal is to ensure that we preserve the earth’s natural resources and eliminate pollution. Today, it is easier than ever to live more sustainably and create a positive environmental impact. 

Use Sustainable Means of Transport

One of the best sustainable living decisions you can make is to rethink your modes of transportation and choose eco-friendly ones. The gas emissions from vehicles on the roads pose a threat to the environment, and with time, it can lead to global warming. 

According to the EPA, a car releases a mind-blowing 4.6 metric tons of CO2 per year on average. And not only that, but vehicles also release other hazardous gases like methane and nitrous oxide. 

Suppose you ditch your car for more sustainable modes like public transport, riding a bicycle, taking the train, or walking. In that case, you help minimize the number of vehicles on the road and ultimately the greenhouse gas amounts emitted. 

Consider Sustainable Fashion

Another crucial sustainable living tip for 2021 is to consider a sustainable clothing fashion. There are far too many non-sustainable fabrics in the market, which leads to the exploitation of natural resources. 

And to think that fashion keeps changing means that you are likely to buy clothes that you may not need. Instead, first, evaluate if you need to purchase new clothes, and if you do, it is best to consider quality and sustainable fabrics that last longer. Also, consider recycled clothes and support fashion designers that emphasize sustainable fashion. If you have extra clothes, you can consider giving them to charities instead of filling your closets’ space.

Make Sustainable Living Decisions When Shopping

If you aren’t careful, you can generate a lot of garbage only from shopping. Our society has been raised to rely on ‘quick convenience’. That way of thinking is often at the forefront when we go shopping. From what you choose to buy to the single use plastics used for packaging. When shopping, it is crucial to make sustainable decisions.

For instance, you should consider shopping for organic products and groceries at the store. Buy only enough and avoid going overboard, especially with food products. 

Buy your groceries in bulk to minimize the amounts of packaging and carrier bags you will need. Using plastic free bags is a simple way to reduce your carbon footprint. 

Did you know that packaging materials make up to 30% of municipal solid waste generated each year? That is why you must buy items in bulk and avoid plastic packaging bags. Carry reusable carrier bags when you go shopping and buy products that use minimal wrappers. 

sustainable living tips

Prevent Food Waste

The resources, energy, and work that goes into food production can be astronomical. If food goes to waste, it leads to exhaustion of natural resources when producing more food. 

One way to eliminate food waste is to plan when shopping for food and stick to it. Buying too many food products may end up going bad before you consume them all.

If you want to buy in bulk, ensure good food storage is available to ensure that the food lasts longer and remains fresh. 

Be creative with the leftover food instead of discarding them in the trash can. Also, it is best to eat seasonal, organic food that is available locally.

Buy compost bins and start composting food matter at home instead of sending them to the dumps. You can use the organic compost to fertilize your kitchen garden and produce more organic vegetables for you and your family.

Easy Sustainable Living Hacks

Are you ready to embrace a sustainable living lifestyle? Whether you want to create green energy in your home or want to eliminate extra junk, Premier Waste Services is here to help you.