Are you looking for ideas to help you transform your green yard? The weather is excellent, and the sun is shining, and that means it is time to get on summer renovations. You probably focus on keeping up with your home’s interiors, but did you know that renovating the yard is also essential? Having a nice-looking yard with the right amenities not only transforms your experience but also boosts the value of your property. If you have ample yard area, you can consider it a blank canvas to fill with these excellent yard renovation tips for summer. Pick a time to highlight your yard and boost your property’s curb appeal. Some yard renovations are easy to pull without you having to burn any money. Read on for 5 yard renovation tips you can do for this summer

Spruce up your deck

Do you have a deck area? Whether it is an attached or detached deck area, it is one of the best outdoor spaces you can use to hang out and enjoy company with friends and family. According to Remodeling, wood deck addition can recoup up to 72% on resale. So, in addition to having a spot where you can sunbathe, grill, and have fun, you can count on this feature to bring your ROI when you decide to resell your property.

However, you need to keep up with your deck to realize its full potential. Summer is the best time to transform your patio and upgrade it with new features. You can replace the old wood decks, add railings, install deck lightings or extend your deck area. Upgrade the deck with durable and long-lasting materials that will require fewer maintenance efforts. Also, consider adding new or replacing the old deck furniture to complement your deck decor.

yard renovation tips for summer

Decorate your yard with outdoor lighting

Outdoor lighting is one way to illuminate and amplify your yard features at night. Install pathway lights, deck lights, and lights to illuminate the seating area in the yard. There are different excellent outdoor lightings that you can install in your yard. Outdoor lights not only enhance your night-out in the yard but also boosts your property’s security. There are motion sensor lightings that not only make your yard unique but keep the guard in check.

Whether your yard needs bollard lights, string lights, or even step lights, installing lights is a great yard renovation idea.

Install a fire area in the yard

Another renovation tip for summer is installing a fire area in the yard for great outdoor activities. Fire pits provide a warm ambiance to a rather chilly night. Instead of rushing inside the house because of the cold, a fire pit offers a luxurious feel and an inviting spot for night gatherings. There are different fire pit options you can choose to enhance the beauty and functionality of your yard. 

Remember, you can use fire pits all year round, not only for the summer nights.

Create an outdoor kitchen

Nothing beats the convenience of having an outdoor kitchen that is a foot away from your outdoor living area. Create an outdoor kitchen spot where you can bake, grill, and cook food as you chat the night away with family. You don’t have to install an all-expensive outdoor kitchen. A small designated area can do the magic.

Beautify the landscape.

Landscaping is another great idea for summer yard renovation. Make your landscape luscious by adding new flower plants, trimming the overgrown shrubs, mulching, and highlighting the pathways. Keeping a well-manicured lawn beautifies your property as well as increases its value. You can consider a pop of color by installing container plants and an automatic irrigation system.

Are you ready to renovate the yard this summer? You will for sure have a ton of yard debris to deal with. Contact Premier Waste Services to get a dumpster to get your yard ready for summer.