The 6 Best Recycling Tips for 2021

Given how health and climatic events are unfolding in the world, it goes to say that the earth could use a little bit of love from us. And that means that doing as much as possible to minimize environmental pollution. Recycling is one of the ideal ways to promote a greener environment, boost the economy and protect natural resources from depletion. According to NIH Environmental Management System, Americans consume a large percentage of non-renewable natural resources. And that means the resources are on the verge of depletion if we don’t take action to reduce their use. Unlike incineration or landfilling, recycling boosts the economy tremendously by creating more jobs. Additionally, EPA reports that recycling contributes over $236 billion in gross revenue annually. Below are six recycling tips for 2021.

1. Invest in a quality recycling bin

The first approach to successful recycling is to have the right recycling tools. These tools include waste containers, bins, and means to haul the materials to a recycling facility. Whether for your home or office, a recycling bin is necessary to collect your recyclable waste. Did you know that a single non-recyclable material can damage a whole truckload of recyclable? Having a recycling bin ensures that you don’t mix up your waste material. There are various recycling containers you can opt for to suit your style and needs. Whether you need a stylish outdoor recycling bin, lockable bin, a trash can with motion sensors, or the best container for the office, get a trash can to help you recycle your waste.

2. Keep your recyclables loose.

Recycling material becomes easy when it is easy to sort them out at the recycling center, especially for single-stream recyclables. Avoid stashing your recyclable waste in a plastic bag and leave them loose in the recycling bin. Bagging the waste materials in a plastic bag contaminates recyclable material because the plastic bags are not recyclable. Ensure that the recyclables are food and grease-free, dry, and loose in the trash can.

3. Understand the line between recyclable and non-recyclable material.

When it comes to recycling, the gray line between recyclable and non-recyclable waste material can be confusing. For example, plastics are recyclable. However, not all plastics like plastic toys, black plastics, and plastic bags fit the category of recyclables. You can recycle most standard items, including plastic water and juice bottles, plastic food containers, cardboard, paper, plastic jugs, and glass jars. Confirm with your recycling facility to know the various recyclable garbage. Remember that you can’t recycle items more minor than your credit card’s size because they can get stuck in the conveyor machine.

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4. Don’t throw away good unused items; share!

Recycling in 2021 can be as simple as donating an excellent unused item to someone. Before considering the trash can as your only option for unwanted items, consider donating to other people. You can share anything in good condition, from food products, clothes, household items to construction materials. The benefit of donating usable goods is that you will be helping your local church, community, schools, non-profit organizations, etc. You will cut on the amounts of reusable items that end in the landfill and may qualify for a tax write-off. 

5. Minimize packaging and carrier plastic bags

If you scan through your kitchen trash, you will realize that the plastic wrappers and bags contribute the most considerable amounts. The reason is you probably purchase more products packed in plastic wrappers and use plastic bags to carry them home. Well, a change on that in 2021 will help you reduce plastic bag wastes. Get yourself a reusable carrier bag and containers for your items.

6. Have a compost

Do you have a garden? Creating compost is ideal for cutting on your waste stream and making organic manure for your landscape. You can compost so many things at home like food waste, vegetables, fruits, coffee grounds, tea bags, etc.


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