Do you anticipate a hassle-free move? Whether you want to move to the next apartment block, city, or across states, you want to avoid a willy-nilly and chaotic move. If you do a quick house scan, you will realize that you have clutter culprits that you don’t want to take to your new place. This is where decluttering and organizing before a move comes in. It is best to deal with the knick-knacks choking up your basement, shade, closet, or bedrooms early. What’s exciting about decluttering is that it can be a therapeutic job.

What to declutter before a move?

Making decluttering decisions can be a challenge if you are unsure of the items to let go of. And since cleaning out is crucial, there are things you will have to let go of and be free of junk. Below are items to dispose of for a junk-free move.

1. Old electronics, tools, and appliances.

Where are your old TVs, computers, and play stations? You probably keep them in the basement or garage area. Old electronics, tools, and appliances are clutter culprits that you need to dispose of before moving. Donate, sell, or drop them at a recycling center and save space and dollars on moving costs. 

2. Books you don’t read.

Books and old magazines that you no longer read can crowd your bookshelves and add a lot of weight when moving. Start minimizing and organizing your bookshelf early. Donate or sell books you haven’t read in more than a year. Also, dispose of all the magazines you don’t use and only keep valuable books and documents.   

3. Old furniture.

The more the weight of your items when moving, the more the costs. And the furniture can be super heavy. If you have old furniture in your garage, it is best to dispose of it than transporting it to your new home. You can let a charity organization come and pick up or sell them through a garage or online sale. 

4. Closet items and mattresses.

Declutter your closet and let go of any clothes, shoes, and handbags you haven’t worn in the last year. Also, carrying your old mattress can be costly compared to disposing of it and buying a new one. Consider also letting go of unwanted perfumes, bathroom products, and colognes.

5. Kitchen items.

From mugs, plates to pots, there are so many kitchen items you may need or no longer use. Declutter your kitchen one cabinet at a time. Gift someone some mugs, pots, pans, and plates or list them for bidding on e-bay.

decluttering before a move

How do you get organized before a big move?

Decluttering and organization before a move go hand in hand. And since overlooking one is not an option, below are organization tips to help you stay on track and keep your sanity.

  • Use a moving planner.

A moving planner will help you lay down all your strategies to simplify the process. Also, a planner will help you focus on the projects at hand while keeping track of all the records. You can use digital planners if you need something you can access on the go.

  • Label your moving boxes.

The most critical part of moving houses is to label your moving boxes. You can use a marker or color codes to label the boxes so that you can keep track of your possessions. Also, remember to note down items in each packing box for easy unloading.

  • Have an essentials items box.

Having your essential items within reach during the moving day is crucial. Ensure that you have an essentials box where you can put your important documents, medications, toiletries, clothes, and anything you will need for the first day in your new place. 

  • Keep essential documents in one place.

The stress of missing documents is the last thing you need to worry about when moving houses. Keep your credit cards, IDs, utility companies’ contacts, receipts, and any other crucial document in one place.

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