Do you want to contribute to a greener Phoenix? You probably know that you can recycle plastic bottles, aluminum containers, dry papers and magazines, glass bottles, flattened cardboard, and cartons boxes. But did you know that there are other things you can recycle in Phoenix? When you maximize recycling and reuse, you help reduce the amount of trash piling up at a high rate in the landfills.

Recycling in Phoenix should not end with your household junk. Did you know that you can recycle some construction and demolition debris? Phoenix harbors some of the largest landfills in the country, and when you recycle as much as possible, you help cut on the health and environmental impacts of construction debris. At Premier Waste Services, we help you find sustainable alternatives to dispose of junk. Below are three things you didn’t know you can recycle in Phoenix. 

You will realize that most of the below items do not fit in the blue can for recyclables, and the reasons are:

  • Most of these items are hazardous and pose risks; therefore, they are not recyclable in the city’s recycling machinery.
  • The city’s recycling plant is not equipped to recycle the items. 

The good news is that there are alternatives to recycle these items safely.


Construction and Demolition Debris


construction debris recycling in Phoenix

Are you building a new structure, remodeling your home, or demolishing an old house? You can recycle some of the debris from these kinds of projects. If you are taking your house down to the studs, you can opt for deconstruction rather than demolition. Deconstruction service providers will carefully dismantle the house and salvage some of the construction materials for reuse or recycle.

If you are working on any remodeling or construction, below are some of the construction and remodeling materials you can recycle.

  • Roofing shingles: If you are replacing your old roof with a new one, consider recycling the old roofing shingles. Depending on the size of your roof, an estimate shows that a single roof can produce as much as eight tons of roofing shingles. You can engage a dumpster rental company to provide you with a dumpster roll-off container for the shingles. We can help you transport the shingles to transfer stations or institutions that accept shingles donations.
  • Carpet: Instead of dumping your old carpeting in the landfill and contributing to over five billion tons of flooring material that ends up in the landfill, consider taking the carpets to any of the carpet recycling centers within Phoenix, Arizona. Your old carpet can be turned into a new flooring material. 
  • Scrap metals: You can recycle scrap metals too in Phoenix, AZ. Recycling and reusing metals is one of the best ways to preserve natural resources. You can sell scrap metal to any number of recyclers in Pinal County. What better way to get extra cash than sell scrap?


Electronics recycling in PhoenixElectronics and appliances are also recyclable at e-waste recycling centers. Your old non-functioning computers and phones can be refurbished for reuse. Also, e-waste recyclers can salvage essential parts of the electronics for use in other devices. You can take your old electronics and appliances like televisions, computers, cell phones, appliances, and refrigerators to any electronic recycling facility in Phoenix. If you are disposing of electronics as part of the overall home cleanout, you can rent a dumpster from Premier Waste Services.


Household Items

household items recycling in PhoenixIt is no secret; household items form a significant part of junk during a weekend clean out. The best thing is that you can send these items to the recycling facilities for reuse or recycling. 

You can donate clothes, bedding, and mattresses that are in the right conditions to donations centers. The less fortunate will appreciate your kind gesture at the same time you will be reducing junk at the landfill and pollution. 

Recycle Like a Pro with your Dumpster Rental

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