Do you want to redefine your backyard space this summer? With summer bursting with warm weather, you need to create a perfect outdoor space for summertime activities. If you didn’t know, there are various 2021 summer yard updates in Phoenix that you could try for your yard. Below are trendy summer yard updates from the kids’ play area, outdoor kitchen to a garden home office.

Top Summer Yard Updates in Phoenix for 2021

1. Outdoor kitchen and bar

Are you up for cooking, grilling, baking, and tossing drinks outside during the summer? An outdoor kitchen and a bar are yard updates you can create. 

According to Forbes, outdoor kitchens and bars are popular now more than ever. This is because the outdoor kitchen provides convenience when you want outdoor entertainment. 

The bar area provides accessible, excellent storage for drinks, so you can quickly grab a drink when you have outdoor entertainment. Are you wondering which type of outdoor kitchen fits your yard space? 

There are different outdoor kitchen designs like the backyard party pavilion, outdoor pizza oven, pallet outdoor kitchen, outdoor stone kitchen, rustic outdoor kitchen, and much more.

The outdoor bar provides much-needed outdoor entertainment, and it can be a great alternative if you can’t get to your regular local garden bar.

2. Renovate the patio

Another great idea for the 2021 summer yard updates is the patio renovation. Is the patio concrete or wood damaged, or perhaps have worn-out patio furniture? You can update the patio floors or change the seating with new ones. 

There are excellent patio furniture options like repurposing pallets if you don’t want to spend a ton of cash for an outdoor space. A choice is to go the extra mile and put convertible furniture on the patio. 

Also, you can DIY the patio floor renovation and save on labor costs.  

3. Install a temporary pool

Do you need a spot to cool off during the sweltering summer heat? A temporary outdoor pool in the yard will do the magic. This outdoor swimming pool is less expensive, easy to create, and often needs less space.  

There are endless above-the-ground backyard pool ideas and designs you can consider, and they can easily blend into your backyard aesthetics. 

summer yard updates in Phoenix

4. Create a garden office

If you haven’t been living in the proverbial rock, you probably know that home office is the newest trending home addition. And the chances are that you work from home, too. 

If that is the case and you need to change your workstation, you can update your yard this summer with a garden home office. With a garden office, you can enjoy some time outdoors while doing your job. What’s more? A change of work setting can boost your productivity.

Additionally, a yard home office can help you create boundaries between work life and home life.

5. Install kids play equipment

Summer means that kids want to spend most of their time outdoors playing and having fun. And when going to the parks is not an option—thanks, COVID— why not install the swing sets, trampolines, etc., for the kids?

Install kids play equipment in the yard like playground climbers, spinners, spring riders e.t.c. 

Speaking of which, remember that security and privacy are paramount when the kids are playing outside. It is a great idea to consider updating the fence and the gate. 

6. Revive your lawn

 Another summer yard update you can do is to breathe life into your lawn. You can turn your newly-acquired landscaping hobby into something creating, like designing an edible landscape

As you get close to nature, you can create a fantastic food garden in the yard. Creating edible landscaping is the best way to produce fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, and other varieties of food in your garden.

When you’re ready to get going on your summer yard updates, choose Premier Waste Services to get the yard waste cleared quickly, efficiently, and cost effectively.